About Us

 A Cost Effective and Quick MLS Listing Solution designed to Save you Money when your Ready to Sell.

Since 2013, TexasBrokerFlatFee.com is a Texas-based Flat Fee MLS Listing service provider. Deal with a Texas licensed Flat Fee MLS broker who knows how to effectively market your property on your local MLS. We are own & operated by The Miramas Group, LLC based in San Antonio, Texas. 

Our owner/broker, Ron L. Miranda, is a licensed Realtor®. He practices real estate every day and has for almost 10 years now. He also is the Designated Broker Sponsor for hundreds of real estate agents throughout many Texas cities and counties. 

The difference is, he understands that one size does NOT fit all clients.

He does everything that a traditional real estate company does, but instead of charging you 6%, he charges a flat fee based on the services you choose. So for instance, on a $250,000 house you would normally pay around $15,000 (6%) in listing commissions. With the standard package ,offered on TexasBrokerFlatFee.com, at $125, you would save just over $14,875. 

In almost every other industry in the world, you pay for what you need. In the real estate industry, you get what you need, but you usually pay for everything. What's worse, the more expensive your home sells for, the more you pay.

That doesn't sound right, to Ron. 

The ads cost the same. The signs cost the same. The broker MLS costs the same. The paperwork, contract, inspections, title work and closing costs all cost the same, but you pay more in Realtor® commissions because you can afford a more expensive home or your real estate value is higher.

  1. Imagine going to the doctor and having to pay for a routine examination based on 6% of your paycheck.

  2. Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering dinner and having the bill come and it's based on the value of your 401k.

  3. It just doesn't make sense, but the real estate industry has been getting away with it for decades.

Not only do you pay more if your house is worth more, you often pay for services that you can actually do yourself. Somehow...magically...6% of the final sales price of your home just happens to cover the cost of everything involved in selling your home. Seriously? Not anymore. We are changing that for good.

After all these years, I've found that home owners are actually better at doing some of the things that Realtors® usually do. One example--and this is controversial in the real estate industry--is showing the house. 

When given the chance, buyers almost always want to talk to the home owners. Who knows the house better? Who knows the neighborhood better? Who knows the history better? Who knows what that switch in the garage does? The home owners--that's who. Why not put buyer and seller together? 

Yes there are times when the buyers and sellers need some expert advice, but I have had literally hundreds of deals come together over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table without a real estate agent in sight. It happens all the time and frankly, things are usually smoother.

I'm giving you choice. I give you the control to choose from a menu of services.  

Check out the listing packages on my Home page and remember, you choose what you do and what I do.

It's just that simple. No gimmicks. No fine print. You only pay for what you need. No more. No less.

Check out the How It Works page and feel free to Contact me with any questions you have.

When you are ready, head over to the Get Started page to get started. 

As a licensed brokerage we specialize in MLS Flat Fee Marketing and Selling homes throughout many Texas cities and neighborhoods using the same internet listing tools offered by other real estate brokerages across Texas. 



TexasBrokerFlatFee.com offers our services as a Flat Fee MLS Listing rather than the traditional straight line 6% percent commission structure.